CrowdStrike Falcon; a promising malware defender

CrowdStrike Falcon

We are in a society where technology is utilized to its maximum. Technological benefits have profited us in many ways and have reduced our efforts. As an old saying, for every bright side, there is a dark side, we are facing the worst effects of technology day by day especially in the cyber field. Cyber-attacks and data breaches targeting individuals and reputed organization are becoming common these days. All these happen due to the lack of a strong defender. Today we are in need of a robust and secure cyber security software to protect our valuable information from the deadly malwares developed by hackers these days.

The AV test labs are continuously analysing the power of security softwares developed these days. They rank them according to their performance. Among them, CrowdStrike comes in the top 10 list of softwares.

CrowdStrike cyber solution is developed by an American cyber security company, CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. Their headquarters is situated in California. They mainly focus on developing cloud workload services, endpoint security, threat intelligence and cyber-attack response services.

They have brilliant records of finding out the profiles of cyber-attacks involved in Sony Picture hack and DNC cyber-attack & email leak.

CrowdStrike was developed in 2011. Initially they were developed as an anti-virus software but gradually they found success and acceptance in developing end point security software. They are basically a cloud-based security software. Using them eliminates the need for hardware and maintenance cost and prevents threat actors from hacking into the protection technology. Crowdstrike provides different types of offerings which helps the users to choose according to their needs.

Major offerings

  • Falcon Prevent – Next Generation Anti-virus (NGAV)
  • Falcon Device Control – USB Device Control
  • Falcon Insight – Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Falcon Firewall Management – Host Firewall Control
  • Falcon for Mobile – Mobile Endpoint Detection and Response.
  • Falcon forensics – for data analysis

CrowdStrike is mainly built to prevent breaches through combined set of cloud based technology which hinders all types of attacks including viruses, malwares, spywares etc. Nowadays, hackers are developing complicated exploits like zero-day and hard-to-detect credential threats. CrowdStrike replies to these threats in the form of light weight solution which comprises of next-generation antivirus, end-point protection, cyber threat intelligence and advanced threat hunting.

With CrowdStrike, you can know the identification and origin of the malware using Indicator of Attack (IOA) behavioural technique. The Falcon insight delivers End Point Detection and Response capabilities (EDR) which enables you to know what is happening in your network and the solutions to prevent them. The Over watch technology helps you to hunt down the threats and sophisticated adversaries.

Falcon Discover is an IT solution which allows the software to identify unauthorized systems and applications and keeps a watch on standard user accounts anywhere in your environment.

Today, in most of the organization Antivirus solution is replaced by CrowdStrike Falcon because of their malware protection, exploits prevention and advanced Indicator of Attack (IOA) technique. They offer protection even if the endpoints are online or offline. The replacement by many originations is done as per the advice of certified third parties.

Apart from these, Falcon helps you to fulfil compliance and certificate requirements of organizations. As per the records, Falcon gathers and analyses around 30 billion endpoint activities in a single day through 176 countries. They are also helpful in terms incident response. This allows you to track who, what, when, where and how of an attack. Compared to other protection softwares they have powerful and extensive prevention capabilities.

CrowdStrike has the capability to protect the end point even if they are not connected to the cloud. This is because they pose sensors which has prevention technologies that safeguards endpoint even if they are online or offline. These technologies provide multi-layer protection against zero day attacks, phishing attacks and hash blocking.

Comparatively CrowdStrike is light weight software which is installed on endpoints. The setup is simple and there is no need for configuring. The software updates itself if any new update is released and you don’t need to do it manually.

The features and tools of the software are a bit complicated. So if you don’t have a relevant IT team with the required technical background, CrowdStrike may seem too complex to implement.


  • Falcon Next Generation Antivirus Protection – Rs.512 /month & Rs.4, 400 for a year

For organizations and industrial purpose, CrowdStrike Falcon is the best anti-virus software to have. For more details,

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