Cyber-attack cases from 2016-2019; India bags 2nd position

cyber-attack cases

Cyber-attacks mainly aims at breaking the privacy of others system/computer to steal data and information for their own profit. Cyber-attack is also done to launch a sequel attack.

The hackers use different methods to carry out the attack. They include phishing, malware, ransomware, man-in-the-middle attack and other methods.

Cyber-attacks pave way to promote terrorism and these types of attacks are known as ‘cyber terrorism’.

Amendment of strong security protocol and network security control is more important to build a strong organization.

A cybercriminal steals, modify or even destroys a specific data by hacking into a susceptible system. The hacker plants a virus into the targets system which then spreads to other networks making to comprise all the systems connected to the network.

Sometimes the attack can come in the form of ransomware, demanding money in return for the stolen documents.

One common factor of data breach includes exposing the private or personal data of the target person.

Cyber-attacks in India

India is one of the leading countries when it comes to the case of cybercrime. Day by day the attack percentage is on the rise and each strike of cybercrime gives us the fact that no one is safe, everybody is targeted.

As per the statistics of 2019, India reported 3.94 lacks of cyber breach cases. Indian Computer Emergency Response Team published a report where almost 336 websites belonging to central ministries and state government were hacked between the years 2017 to 2019.

As per a source India is being ranked the second position in cyber crimes from 2016-2018. There has been an increase of 22% in cyber attacks mainly in the IT department.

In India cities like Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore has been recorded with the maximum number of cyber-crime happenings. In 2018, cyber-attack has caused a financial loss of around 500 dollars to organizations.

In 2017, there has been a dramatic increase of 7.9% in data breaches. When it comes to the top 10  targeted countries by the cyber hackers, India stands in the 4th position and yet people are not bothered to establish a secure cyber solution in their organization.

Let’s discuss about some of the recent attacks happened in India:

  • Cosmos bank cyber-attack, Pune

In 2018, a cyber-attack was executed on the Cosmos bank in Pune. This attack almost shook the entire economy of the Indian banking sector. The hackers stole around 94 crores from Cosmos co-operative bank, Pune.

The attackers hacked into the ATM server of the bank and collected all the private details of the cardholders. Money was vanished immediately when the hackers around 28 countries withdrew the amount.

  • ATM system hacked

Canara bank ATMs were targeted by the hackers and they successfully stole 20 lakh rupees from the customers account in 2018. According to the sources, more than 300 users were affected due to the attack. Skimming devices were used to steal information from the card holders.

  • UIDAI Aadhaar software hacked

In 2018, a massive data breach was recorded where about 1.1 billion personal information was stolen from the Indian Aadhaar card holders.

UIDAI revealed that around 210 Indian websites has been under the attack of the hackers.

The leaked data included Aadhaar details, PAN numbers, mobile numbers, bank account numbers, IFSC code and other personal information.

  • Attack on Indian healthcare websites

Recently in 2019, healthcare websites were under the control of the cyber criminals. As per the investigation reports, around 68 lakhs records of doctors and patients were assaulted.

  • Sim swap scam

This attack mainly used sim card details of individuals as a weapon to transfer around 4 crore rupees from numerous bank accounts in August 2018. The money was transferred illegally to the hackers account by just using the sim card information and fake documents. The transactions were carried out using online banking.

These attacks must be an eye opener for all those individuals and organizations that are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

It is very important to set up secure anti-theft software and adapt cyber security measures for the uninterrupted functioning of an organization or a process.


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