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Cylance Smart Antivirus

In today’s world, cyber hackers are advancing so swiftly that cyber security softwares are finding difficulty in tracing them and blocking them from attacking our systems and leaking personal information. It is not easy to defend these threat actors as they are using updated versions of malwares, viruses and ransomwares to perform the attack. Modern attacks can only be shielded using modern weapons; which are advanced cyber security softwares. As the strength of the hackers is increasing, equally the strength of the defending security solutions is also increasing.

Before selecting an antivirus software, understand their features and tools. Evaluate them and make sure that they can withstand the modern day threats.

In this blog we are going to introduce you to an advanced security solution, Cylance.

Cylance performs scans with the help of AI-based malware scanner which detects the threat instantly and quarantines them before it is too late. They can identify the lurking ransomwares and destroy them within no time. When compared to anti-virus softwares, Cylance has a cheaper package but gives high level of malware protection.

They consist of web dashboard option which ensures that along with your devices, the entire device connected to Cylance is protected. Along with the AI technology, the scanning engine is cloud based so that it only uses minimum amount of resources from your system. The Artificial Intelligence within the software helps them to learn about the infections and to know how they will react. On the basis of AI’s findings, the software blocks all the files which were found suspicious.

Before giving alerts to the users, Cylance moves the suspicious files to quarantine and removes them after a month. This is one of the advantages of Cylance. The user doesn’t have to bother about scanning and the dealing with quarantined files. Unfortunately, Cylance does not provide a desktop application. But this is balanced with the use of web-based dashboard.

They provide the users with real-time protection from malicious threats. They regularly scan for unusual happenings within the system. You can also perform manual scans like Full scan and Custom scan. Cylance identifies every ransomware that enters your system and moves them to separate quarantine storage. According to the test results, the detection percentage of Cylance is 95% for malwares and 100% for ransomwares, which means they are included in the standard list of antivirus softwares like Norton, Bitdefender etc.

Cyclance is a light weight software. They consume the resources of the system only when they perform scans. In this way it saves a lot of CPU power as other software would consume a massive amount of energy during full scans.

Once a file is scanned and if the file again exhibits suspicious disturbances, they are then moved to ‘Cylance Cloud’ for advanced scanning. Once you install the software, the permission to move malicious files to Cylance cloud is turned on. If you wish to disable it, you can do it manually. Once the file is uploaded to Cylance cloud, they are cross-checked against the recently found threats which are saved to the cloud network. Cylance does send notifications when they are uploading files to the cloud.

Cylance’s web dashboard is the default interface for the users. Here you can add more devices, check the status of protection for your device, make changes in the settings and manage quarantined files. To do all these, you need an active internet connection. So Cylance is not a good option for people who are looking for virus protection offline.

The interface of this software is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Every important features and functions can be spotted easily and you can view the current threats of your system in the right hand column of the interface. You can manage other devices from the web dashboard. For example if the infected files are stored in you r desktop PC, you can easily remove them through your laptop.

They have a popup client which is used to give a clear cut picture of the malware threats and events occurring in your system. They are simple to use. They helps you to know the details like when the attack happened, when was the files moved to quarantine and when was it marked safe.


  • 1 device 1 year – Rs.1, 788 per year
  • 1 device 2 years – Rs.2, 153 per year
  • 5 devices 2 years – Rs.3, 613 per year
  • 10 devices 1 year – Rs.3, 613 per year
  • 10 devices 2 years – Rs.5, 075 per year

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