Dr.Web antivirus solution; the instant malware diagnoser

Dr.Web antivirus solution

There are many antivirus softwares available in the market. It is difficult to know which one is authentic and which is fake. Some are available for free and some are purchased online. It is not necessary that the paid version of anti-virus gives you more protection than the free version. There are free softwares that keep up their standard to the other top paid softwares. Before purchasing a software, we must know its features and capabilities. Today’s cyber-attacks are so complicated that only advanced softwares can protect you from their damage.

Here we are going to introduce you to one of the best anti-virus software available in the cyber market, Dr.Web.

Dr.Web is developed by a Russian software development company that supplies antivirus solutions for all kinds of operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux. Dr.Web offers progressive scanning option for the users and they are available in the main menu of the software. They are simple and user-friendly. The full scan option successfully scans drives and removable media like USB, external hard drives etc. The express scan option helps the user to focus on critical system paths. Whereas the custom scans assist you in scanning specific files and folders.

According to the customers review, the software successfully detected the pool of 10 dangerous viruses that can adversely affect the system performance. To detect and delete malicious threats, Dr.Web is equipped with heuristics technology that blocks thwart attacks including zero-day exploits that targets Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, MS Office, Windows applications etc.

They are equipped with modern real time anti-virus engine which is synced to Dr.Web Cloud to make sure of the type of virus that has infected the system and prepare the defensive mechanism accordingly even without internet connection. The combination of cloud security and heuristic technology can assure multiple layer of protection for your system.


The major feature of Dr.Web is its data loss prevention utility which helps to create copies of critical datas which can be corrupted or stolen. This is one of the backup options of this software. If the system has detected any suspicious files, they are instantly moved to the quarantine storage. Using the quarantine manager feature you can inspect, delete and release files from the storage. It is better to avoid infected files.

Dr.Web provides advanced parental control feature with detailed configuration choices. The configuration option can be easily imported and exported with the drag and drop tool.  Using the advanced option, you can have explicit control over different scanning options. You can set them to normal, faster or lower level. There is a paranoid level which allows you to perform comprehensive check. They can also help the users to hold on and off the analysis of LAN and rootkits.

The user interface of Dr.Web is user friendly and attractive. They help you to navigate programs easily. The installation of this software does not take more than 3 minutes. The tools and features of Dr.Web are straightforward and avoid unnecessary options.

Along with scanning for malicious threats, they scan for potentially unwanted programs and remove them from the system. One of the drawbacks of this software is that they don’t have a URL filter which means Dr.Web doesn’t protect you from phishing attacks and other websites threats.


  • Budget friendly software
  • Highly configurable software
  • Advanced level features
  • Bundled firewall


  • Never tested from any labs
  • No URL filtering
  • More technical features

Dr.Web is a free version of antivirus that comes with a classical scanner. Apart from the free version, there are advanced version which can be subscribed from their official website. You can use the trial version for three months and you only need to provide your email address to obtain the software. This is a light-weight software which has size around 350MB.


  • Dr.Web Security Space, 1 Pc/mobile device, 1 year – Rs.3000
  • Dr.Web Katana 1PC, 1 year – Rs.2, 600
  • Dr.Web Security Space for Android 1 mobile device, 1 year – Rs.700

For more details, visit www.drweb.com


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