ESET security solution; improved web protection

ESET security solution

A strong cyber security has become an important need in today’s fast developing world. The execution plans of hackers have altered due to the development of science and technology. The cyber-attacks has becomes dangerous and difficult to detect & block. With the use of right security software, we can overcome the huddle and secure our files and personal information.

ESET is one of the strongest anti-virus solutions available in the market. ESET is a Slovakian based company that develops internet security, anti-virus and firewall products. The company has been recognized as a successful one in the years 2008, 2009 and 2010.

ESET provides you with an efficient anti-malware scanner and instinctive user interface for Windows, Mac, Android and Linux operating systems.

The malware detector of this software works by heuristics and machine learning technique. This advanced method easily traps the malware and blocks them. ESET also consists of improved diagnostic tools, anti-theft protection and device encryption features. They stand equal to the performance offered by other softwares like Norton and McAfee.

ESET supplies a wide range of packages based on you needs. These entire versions provide you with the same and efficient antivirus engine with latest features and better customer support. They consist of high-power antivirus engine which can protect your device from emerging threats.

Major security features of ESET include:

  • Web protection
  • Anti-malware engine
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Parental control
  • Password manager
  • Anti-theft protection
  • Device encryption

 ESET has one of the best anti-malware scanners and can detect 100% of malwares which includes spywares, Trojans, ransomwares, rootkits etc. They consist of an extended malware database which is used to compare the detected malware files.

Types of scans:

  • Custom scan: Here you can scan suspicious files and folders. You just need to drag the file and drop it into the software. They will scan them and give out the results.
  • System scan: This option performs a complete scan of your system including program files, system files and cache files.
  • Removable device scan: They help to scan external devices such as hard drives, pen drives, USB, phone etc.

Major drawback of ESET is that for the first scan, the software will take around 6 hours where the other softwares take around 2 hours.

This software does not put more work load on the CPU. This is because they use cloud based malware database to scan the systems. So they do not drain more energy from the CPU.

There are possibilities of malicious infection in downloaded/saved files. The Host-Intruder Prevention System (HIPS) in ESET helps to analyse these files and provide a proper solution if any malicious outsiders are detected. HIPS can also hinder the infection of rootkits and ransomwares.

The gaming mode provides the user personal space during gaming by turning off the scans and notifications. Game mode ensures zero distraction. You can control the game mode feature manually.

ESET offers sophisticated web protection feature, which includes:

  • Firewall: They ensure that the networks ports are safe and alerts when any activity is detected.
  • Webcam protection: They block infected websites and URL. They can even sense scams and notify you to prevent bad happenings.
  • Secure browsing: They successfully encrypt every keystrokes present in the browser. This creates a secure platform to conduct banking operations and avoids key loggers.
  • Anti-phishing: Major attacks are initiated using phishing attacks. ESET serves as a better software to prevent phishing attacks and scams. They also analyse the JavaScript to prevent invasive web contents.
  • Spam filter: They utilise Microsoft Outlook app to congest suspicious emails.

The Connected Home Monitor tools keep your Wi-Fi monitored and notify you if any external device is logged into your network. By this way you can reduce stealing of Wi-Fi.

The Running Processes feature in ESET is an advanced version of task manager. This helps the users to clear old drivers that have been depleting the system performance.

The internet security of ESET includes features like:

  • Web protection
  • Secure browser
  • Network security tools
  • Anti-theft tools
  • Webcam protection

Subscription plans

  • 1 device 1 year – Rs.1, 239
  • 1 device 2 years – Rs.1, 849
  • 1 device 3 years – Rs.2, 469
  • 2 devices 1 year –  Rs.1, 599
  • 2 devices 2 year – Rs.2, 389
  • 2 devices 3 years – Rs.3, 179

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