F-Secure antivirus; an overview

F-Secure antivirus

In the midst of the growing pandemic, the cyber hackers are taking advantage of the individual and organizations to leak their data and to drain them financially. They are doing this by utilizing the open vulnerabilities present in the system and network. Even if these organizations are protected by security solution, not all cyber softwares are capable to protect you from all the emerging threats, especially threats nowadays.

You need an advanced cyber security software to prevent such happenings.

F-secure can help you with this!

F-Secure is an efficient anti-virus software which can protect your system and network from cyber threats. F-Secure uses DeepGuard behaviour based detection technique for to take down malwares.


  • Passed the lab test with excellent grades.
  • Capability to detect latest malwares and ransomwares.
  • Secure network protection.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Cheap when compared to other softwares.

F-Secure also have features like spam filter, Firewall and free VPN. Once you are going to visit a new website or URL, the software scans for threats and makes sure that the site is not infected. They also prevent you from falling for phishing scams.

The virus scan in the display bar helps you to conduct a quick scan of your system. According to the test results, they can successfully block 98% of the viruses. During the scans, the softwares scan every drives and folders and optimise the safe files and keep them aside.

Key features

  • Status page: Like all other password manager tool, F-Secure analyses the strength of the password during the first step. This process is done using the status page feature. This helps the software to understand whether it is weak, if they are used somewhere and examines which is strong and which is moderate. In this way you can use a unique and strong password.
  • Multi-Device sync: This feature helps you to sync the data with multiple devices. For this, you just have to click on to ‘connect device’ option. This generates a code which when entered into the second device, creates a sync between the two.
  • Breach alerts: They have an efficient alert engine which notifies you when any breach or hack is going to happen. When you receive such an alert, you just have to go and change your password of the specific account.
  • Password manager: This is one of the highlight features of F-Secure. They stores password and helps you to modify them according to the needs. This feature helps you with the list of stored passwords, websites link, personal notes and usernames.

The credit card section of the software helps you to store data such as PIN number, card number, CVV etc. They also have an additional dark web monitoring system.

The desktop UI of the software contains a set of essential tools which can be accessed easily. Some of them include permission to quarantine, list of blocked websites, and the option to shut down the anti-virus.

The desktop UI is also equipped with certain tools which can submit malware-samples to F-Secure. Once you open the tool, you get a page where you can upload the file or the infected URL.

The software provides an efficient browser protection which keeps you away from online threats and phishing attacks.

The VPN feature protects you when you are online. This feature incorporates 18 countries and 27 servers, which makes it one of the best VPN available in any of the anti-virus software.

F-Secure are compatible with Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

Along with Deep Guard, this software detects malware using signature-based technique.

Other features of F-Secure include:

  • Banking protection
  • Parental control
  • Gaming mode
  • Wi-Fi protection
  • Virtual location
  • Kill switch
  • Tracking protection
  • Auto-fill credentials
  • Online identity monitoring


  • 1 device 1 year – Rs.4, 391
  • 3 devices 1 year – Rs.5, 271
  • 3 devices 2 years – Rs.8, 791

F-secure is a better option for industrial use as well as personal use. They can provide total protection from the upcoming threats and data breaches. For more details, contact their official website www.f-secure.com

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