FortiClient antivirus software; enterprise level system security

FortiClient antivirus software

There are a number of anti-virus softwares available in the market. Even when you purchase a system or a laptop, you will have an inbuilt anti-virus software. But the question is that are these antivirus softwares capable of restricting the upcoming malicious threats?

Not every softwares has the ability to block todays malicious threats. Current day threats are so powerful that, normal security softwares cannot defend them. We need advanced cyber security solution to cop up with these cyber-attacks and data leaks. FortiClient is one among the software that can effectively act as a wall of protection from cyber hackers.

FortiClient is the security software developed by Fortinet, which is one of the established organizations, that develops network security hardware products. FortiClient is available in two different versions; a standard paid version as well as free lite version. The major highlights of FortiClient are their real time antivirus protection using upgraded Heuristics, web security that prevents attacks through websites and an advanced VPN.


  • They checks for malwares during the installation process.
  • Advanced phishing detection.
  • Certified test results for malware blocking.
  • Accepted as good antivirus softwares by every independent lab.
  • Additional VPN client.
  • Free of cost


  • Restricted Parental control features.
  • If you turn off the parental control feature, it will automatically disable anti-phishing and infected URL blocking.
  • Does not have ransomware protection.
  • VPN does not manage all VPN types.

FortiClient provides web control filters which provide assistance to the parental control system to protect the device from malicious URLs and deviate the users from using fraudulent websites. The experts have ranked FortiClient similar to the Norton antivirus in case of phishing detection.

FortiClient is designed to function under an Enterprise Management Server (EMS) that provides basic antivirus protection for endpoints. They also have the capability to function as a standalone solution. They consist of an active vulnerability scanner which finds the unknown vulnerabilities and alerts the users.

They provide firewall with advanced configurations. The updates of the software come through FortiGate which runs FortiOS 6.0. When the users need to connect to a managed security network, they can use the ‘Compliance and Telemetry’ option present in the home screen to insert the network IP and to get connected to the EMS server.

They actively search for vulnerabilities inside the Microsoft Programs, other third party tools and web extensions like Mozilla, Firefox, Google Chrome etc. They also scan the programs to detect vulnerabilities. Once the analysis is completed, the result is displayed in the screen using colour codes that indicates what has been detected.

Along with the vulnerability scanner, they consist of a remote access tool which helps the users to customize the VPN connections. This feature acts as a fully equipped VPN connection editor which can assist you in creating external connections. Using FortiClient, users can customize SSL-VPN and IPsec VPN connections and make changes in the client certificate and authentication settings. You can add an extra network like corporate networks using the VPN feature.

FortiClient is a user-friendly software and the scans are scheduled by default such that the users don’t have to be worried about manually scheduling the scans. The Firewall settings are also configured by the software. The key functions of FortiClient like EMS configuration module and vulnerability scanner can be functioned by just a few clicks.

The interface consists of a Notification tab that stores the complete list of program generated notifications. They show the details of scans, whether any threats are detected, update details etc. This can be used to amend the tool. For Linux users, FortiClient is available through pre-compiled, .rpm and .deb packages. To run this software, you just need a basic knowledge.

The support system of FortiClient consists of an active discussion forum and an advanced video library. They contain informations which guide you through the functions and tools of the software. There are tutorials available on processes like configuration of VPN.

FortiClient can be obtained free of cost for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android. But the users have to purchase the Enterprise Management Server based on the number of endpoints.


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