Increased cyber breaches in India; validating the cause.

Increased cyber breaches in India

India is one among the top leading consumers of internet in the world. The usage of internet has spread across different sectors of the state. Starting from entertainment, the internet has been explored in fields like education, business, shopping etc. Equally, the cyber risk of the state has grown enormously. It was found that, during the year 2020, Indian companies have faced 66% of data breaches.

As the pandemic made the employees to shift to work from home method, various cyber hackers used this opportunity to create scams and cause data breaches. Among this 60% of attacks, majority of them were phishing attacks and the target lacked cyber security systems to defend them.

One of the recent data breaches which occurred in India was against ‘ACER’. This attack rose confusion among the people about the data security in India. Apart from data loss and financial loss, these kinds of attacks put the economy and lives of many people in danger.

Among the Asian countries, India stands in the second position after Japan on the basis of number of cyber-attacks. This report was published by the Intelligence Index, IBM X-force during 2020. It is high time we address our cyber security concern and implement a secure cyber protocol. While considering every cyber-attack of 2020, 7% of attacks were concentrated in India.

The major cyber threats that haunt India are phishing attacks, data breaches and ransomware attacks. The unpatched vulnerabilities and human errors while developing a software accounts for the increased cyber-attacks in the country.

The vulnerability factor

When the government and the cyber experts are behind the effort to make India a digitalized country, they gave less importance to the cyber security which is still a new element in terms of development.

One of the Information Security officers, Prasad T commented that, the pandemic has led many organizations and individuals to depend on the cloud services and the usage of internet has boosted exponentially. But while analysing the security of these tools, there is an urgent need for a defined set of guidelines that can help to create a firm security strategy.

Organizations like CERT-IN and DSCI has taken the issue into serious consideration and are creating awareness among different sectors and making them understand the importance of cyber security. But still we have a long way to go before India will be considered as a digitally secure country.

What makes cyber-attacks increasing in India?

While considering other countries like Europe, USA and Canada, India has not developed a strict cyber security regulation. So it becomes easier for the threat actors to find a way into the networks of different developed institutions and create a data breach or ransomware attack.

India is found to have a huge cyber footprint. This also makes it vulnerable to different cyber-attacks. Just by spreading cyber awareness and maintaining cyber hygiene, India cannot stop malicious activities from happening.

Most of the organization these days secures their sensitive informations and databases using an easily breakable layer of cyber security. This is the main reason why they constantly get targeted. Networks and servers should be protected using advanced shielding techniques. Once a network is compromised, the whole systems connected to the network become vulnerable and there are chances for a huge data breach.

The pandemic situation led to the exposure of different datas of institutions and individuals over the internet. This opportunity was taken up by the cyber criminals to plan and execute attacks. As per the statistics, around 74% of the organizations in India were exposed to ransomware attacks during pandemic.

There were also incidents where the work from home employees were distracted and unknowingly send some important files to the wrong people. Digital transformation seemed to be the root cause of these problems.

Some human errors are committed due to the factors like fear and sense of urgency. Even a skilled person becomes confused when these two factors affect them.

Even if a strong cyber security approach is developed, we cannot ensure that everyone will adopt this method to stay safe. There will be variations in the opinion and perspective. So strict laws should be enforced to ensure everyone spends their time and money on security and save the nation from cyber hackers.

There must be regular audits in every organization to ensure they are using the updated version of security software and has valid configurations.


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