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Intrusta antivirus

In today’s menacing cyber world, you cannot thrive without a strong security solution. Anyone can be under a cyber-attack anytime and since people are dealing with sensitive data these days, they should be very careful and should have a reliable antivirus software to safeguard from malicious threat actors. Hackers are utilizing advanced form of malwares and viruses these days. So we must also use the similar strategy to defend them. We must deploy advanced security solution to prevent cyber hackers from lurking into our systems and networks.

Intrusta is one among the authentic antivirus softwares that act as a rigid wall between your data and malicious threat actors.

Intrusta is an efficient antivirus which is developed to protect Windows and Mac systems against malwares, ransomwares, spywares and adwares. They are brought up by the renowned antivirus developers, Avira which is a German established company. Intrusta guarantees you safety by using well-trusted advanced technology. They are also one of the cost effective software that performs their work efficiently for the paid price. Intrusta consists of a variety of features and scanning modes.

The smart scan option performs their scan on certain files and folder which the software thinks is infected. This feature tries to reduce the dependence on system resources so that the performance is not hindered. The full scan option completely scans the system and checks every nook and corner for any threats. In Intrusta you get an option called “scan files and folders” in which you can just drag and drop the files and check for infection. This is a useful feature where you can instantly check if you find any disturbance in any of the files or folders.

You can manually disable the real time protection by clicking the “pause virus protection” tab. If any files are found to be infected, there are straightaway moved to the quarantine area called the “contained files”. Since Intrusta is new software, they are yet to be tested by the labs and provide a benchmark.


  • They consists of a status window which enables the users to analyse the system health, view the scan history, see the quarantined files and understand the current status of the system.
  • They have a notification bar that provides the complete list of notification generated till date. You can also view the history log of every notification.
  • The gaming mode helps you to avoid antivirus protection for a short time. This feature is useful when you are busy doing something and you need to turn off the background scan.  


  • Real time malware protection
  • User friendly and transparent
  • You can change the subscription plan anytime
  • Reliable customer support
  • 30 days money back guarantee

The major highlight of Intrusta is that they are set to update itself every few hours. Their functioning does not largely rely on the system resources. They can successfully detect all types of threats including zero day threats without a single false positive.

To detect and block malwares, they use an innovative anti-malware tool. They also prevent spywares and adwares so that there are no more data leakage or unwanted advertisements piling up in your system.

Intrusta actively blocks ransomware activities. They run regular scans, and once any disturbance is noticed, they block them immediately before the ransomware affects any files. They don’t separately provide phishing protection, but their normal scans are capable to detect the malicious contents in your mails and the websites you visit. The antivirus engine makes sure that your downloads are safe and cannot be a threat to your system. If any files are suspected, they are immediately quarantined.

Compared to other softwares, Intrusta does not have too many features. They are easy to handle and their dashboard is divided into 4 categories:

  • Devices: this section helps you to protect all the devices which are connected to Intrusta.
  • Antivirus: This tab allows you to control the antivirus functions.
  • Learning centre: They provide you guidelines about the software.
  • Intrusta: This is the option to contact the support team and to access your account.


  • 1 device 1 year – Rs.1, 460
  • 3 devices 1 year – Rs.2, 555
  • 5 devices 1 year – Rs.3, 285


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