K7 antivirus Premium; the error free security solution

Why do we need an antivirus?

Antivirus softwares are necessary to protect our data and system from malicious cyber threats and data leaks.

Having a common antivirus solution is enough in today’s cyber world?

No. Technology has advanced systematically that cyber hackers are finding new ways of attacks and deploy new types of strategies. To block this modern cyber-warfare, we need an equipped modern antivirus solution so that none of our sensitive data gets leaked and none of the dangerous malwares could lurk into our systems and networks.

In this blog, we are going to discuss about one such security solution that can prevent you from modern day threats, K7 Premium antivirus.

K7 antivirus was developed by K7 Computing Pvt. Ltd, which is an Indian based organization that designs and develops malware and virus prevention softwares. Their malware engine functions with the help of Signatures and Heuristics to detect malicious activities. K7 distributes their softwares in three different types; download, box copy and as OEM software. K7 computing has been on the field for more than 25 years and their share their bonds with VirusTotal and OPSWAT. K7 antivirus is used by around 20 million users all over the world.

The major offering of K7 Antivirus Premium include device control, firewall, exploit protection, USB cleaner, clean-up tools and a virtual keyboard. Unfortunately, they lack the URL filtering features that help you in detecting malicious websites and protecting your system from phishing attacks. The installation process of K7 is simple. You just need to click the ‘View EULA’ link and tap on the install option. Before installation, you need to provide the storage area for the software.


The interface of K7 is quite attractive and they mainly focus on information regarding your system safety. They consist of details like time of the last update, your subscription details, scanning option, settings etc. They offer advanced scans like Quick scan, complete scan, custom scan and rootkit scan. According to the test results, the scans are pretty fast, the quick scans took a couple of minutes to complete the scan. If you have lost some of the data, then the complete scan will take a while. Custom scan thoroughly checks the selected files and folders and makes sure that they are free from infection.

K7 Premium provides you with a spyware detection feature which is quite a useful one. The ‘Clean Automatically’ features enhances the search option and abruptly moves the infected programs to quarantine without asking your permission, unless you turn off the feature manually.

K7 Premium delivers an intelligent firewall feature which protects your networks and avoids network related threats. They include an efficient device control system in their package. Using this, you can deactivate the functioning of USB, CD or DVD drives etc. You can also add a password protection so that you can control the programs that are launching from your system and prevent others copying files from your system.

The tool bar of K7 consists of some simple functions. The highlighting function in them is the USB vaccination. They reduce the chance of the USB key becoming infected by the autorun malware. The virtual keyboard feature forms a safety wall against keyloggers and they can also be used to clean temporary files and caches for the Windows.

The settings tab consists of some interesting features, which may not be activated by default. You should install a third-party plugin so that it automatically scans all the Word, Excel and Office files soon as they are saved to the system. Plugins are easy to install.

 K7 Premium antivirus provides you with real-time protection against modern malwares, viruses, Trojans, ransomwares and other malicious threats. They also make sure that, their functioning does not affect the performance of the system.

System requirements

  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP SP3
  • 1-2 GB of RAM and minimum 1GB free storage space
  • Active internet connection for activating the software, updates, administrator needs etc.


  • 1 user 1 year – Rs.899
  • 1 user 2 years – Rs.1, 199
  • 1 user 3 years – Rs.1, 399
  • 2 users 1 year – Rs.1, 199
  • 2 users 2 years – Rs.1, 799
  • 2 users 3 years – Rs.2, 999
  • 3 users 1 year – Rs.1, 399
  • 3 users 2 years – Rs.2, 999
  • 3 users 3 years – Rs.3, 899

For more information, visit www.k7computing.com

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