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According to the reports of security researchers, cyber-attacks have increased to 55% compared to the previous years. Pandemic stands one of the reasons for this hype. When the Sensex when down and the economic crisis boomed, people changed their focus towards online portals, to start their own business or create something new that would gain them a profitable income. This cause was utilized by the cyber criminals. They started implementing new attack patterns and strategies which helped them to steal personal information and financial data.

In most of these cases, they lacked an efficient cyber security system. In this blog, we are going to introduce you to a safe cyber security solution, Kaspersky.

Kaspersky is a Russian based anti-virus developer company which brings out software which can protect the users from malwares, viruses, Trojans, botnets and other cyber threats. They are compatible in Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and other versions of Linux. The company was established in the year 1997.

Kaspersky can provide you with complete protection against latest ransomwares, spywares and cryptolockers. They mainly focus on blocking cryptominers and other mining malwares that can adversely affect your system performance.

The major highlights of this software are:

  • Enables real-time anti-virus protection.
  • Hinders cryptolockers and ransomwares.
  • Keeps up the system performance

Price range

  • 1 device (1 year) – Rs.479
  • 1 device (2 years) – Rs.719
  • 3 devices (1 year) – Rs.959
  • 3 devices (2 year) – Rs.1, 439
  • 5 devices (1 year) – Rs.1, 439
  • 5 devices (2 years) – Rs.2, 159

Kaspersky is expert in detecting phishing attacks and helps to recognize compromised websites. The Parental control feature, allows kids to stay away from unwanted contents and unknowingly falling for any scam. The Rescue Disc feature makes sure that the infected drives and folders are free from malwares. The special Virtual Keyboard tool ensures safety while making online payments.

Kaspersky utilises virus database as well as Cloud based machine learning to detect the malwares. If some infected files are found, they upload them to the cloud base scanner and with the help of machine learning they detect the type of malware and their source.

Kaspersky provides 5 varieties of virus scans:

  • Quick scan: This feature focuses on scanning the system start up files, memory files and boot sectors.
  • Selective scan: This helps to scan a particular area, folder or drive. They concentrate on specific locations.
  • Full scan: This helps to scan the entire system.
  • Removable Drive Scan: This allows to scans removable extensions like pen drives, hard drives and other portable devices
  • Vulnerability scan: They scan for the open vulnerabilities present in the system. It can be an out-dated application or compromised software.

The scanning schedule can be decided by the user. Kaspersky helps to restore the files which have been deleted by mistake. The restoration process begins by checking the legitimacy of the deleted file.

They perform scans regularly, especially if you are online. They will notify you when any threat is detected and will block you from entering into malicious websites.

Kaspersky ensures that your web is protected while browsing. The ‘Web Anti-virus’ feature helps to detect malicious presence and phishing URLs. When you type a URL and is about to enter into a website, Kaspersky compares the site with the available sites in the database of malicious web addresses. If it is found to be infected, the software blocks you from entering into the site.

Also, the anti-tracking feature of the software helps you to stay away from malicious hackers who track you down through social media, web beacons and ads.

We all use banking applications and websites. How much surety do you have that you are safe through the browser you are visiting?

The virtual keyboard feature in Kaspersky helps you to conduct transactions safely and secure your account. Before entering the browser, Kaspersky will ask whether the site should be added to the Safe Money. If you give the permission, the software will open the site through Safe Money.

They also have clean-up tools which regularly clean your PC, unused data and other log & temporary files.

Kaspersky also provides VPN feature which secures your connection and increases the data speed. The important features of VPN include:

  • Smart protection
  • Kill switch
  • Unlimited browsing data
  • Servers in more than 25 locations

While analysing the entire performance, Kaspersky is an excellent cyber security software that protects your system from the emerging cyber threats. Users can purchase the product from their official website.



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