LastPass Password Manager; secure your privacy

LastPass Password Manager

LastPass is one among the password managers that provides multiple layers of protection. Compared to other softwares, they are relatively cheap and provide additional features. To secure your privacy, they deploy 25-bit AES encryption technique, which is generally used by the defence agencies. They provide zero-knowledge policy, two factor authentication as well as biometric logins to improve security.

With LastPass, you can share password with one user in the free plan and to multiple users with paid plan. LatPass alerts you when any of the passwords are old, weak and has duplicates. They actively monitor the dark web for any leaked accounts and passwords. They have the capability to automatically change passwords for certain websites, so that you don’t need to visit them and manually change the password. Your vault will be secured by a master password. In any case you lose the master password, using the recovery option you can get back the access to your vault. Never lose your mater password, it is important!

In case of emergency, LastPass allows your trusted contact to access your vault. They actively analyses your credit card reports and monitors suspicious activities to avoid identity thefts. LastPass is designed with easy to use features. You won’t find any trouble in adding information to the vault, setting up two factor authentication or with the auto-saving and auto-login features.

The automatic password changing feature is only compatible with 70 websites where other softwares provides around 200-300 websites. However, in the free version LatPass provides unlimited password storage options and one-to-one password sharing option. Even their paid version like LastPass Premium and LastPass Families are of excellent value with more extra features.


LastPass is equipped with all the necessary features a password manager should poses like 256-bit AES encryption, two factor authentication, zero-knowledge architecture etc. This encryption technique is so strong and cannot be broken or hacked. For privacy reasons, none of your information is stored in the LastPass servers and even the developers cannot access your data. This is why LastPass is considered as a zero-knowledge password manager.

To enhance the performance, they are equipped with additional security tools like secure password sharing, Password security auditing, Account recovery and Emergency access. Even if other softwares provides password sharing and recovery options, not everyone has the recovery feature which makes LastPass unique. Account recovery can be done in two methods; through SMS and through One Time Password. Considering all the positive sides, we can say that LastPass is one of the secure and feature-rich password managers available in the market.

LastPass provides web vault and desktop application for Windows as well as Mac. Both these services are instinctive, customizable and simple to use. In the vault, you can save passwords, addresses, notes, financial details, insurance details, login credentials and much more. You can also customize your vault according to your needs. Data can be stored by creating folders and you can store ‘n’ number of folders and subfolders.

The attractive feature of LastPass is the ability to change password automatically. When they identify that the present password is weak or predictable, they alerts you and changes them automatically. This feature is applicable for around 70 websites in which social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. are also included.

LastPass provides browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge and Internet Explorer. The extension feature also has an inbuilt password generator. Whenever you enter into a new website, LastPass saves the credentials for future use.

LastPass consists of Password generator that helps the users to create safe and secure passwords. The minimum length insisted by LastPass is 12 characters and you can generate passwords up to 99 characters long. Your Password should contain uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

To activate two-factor authentication, you need to provide a secondary form of authentication like a finger print scan or a code. So to access your account you need master password as well as the secondary authentication. In this way your vault stays safe even if the hackers somehow manage to find your master password.

Using LastPass, you can easily share your passwords with multiple LastPass users. If you want to share a file with the other user, you just have to tap on the share button after which you have to enter the email address of the sender and then send the file.


  • Premium plan – Rs.223.13/month
  • Family plan – Rs.297.5/month
  • Team plan – Rs.297.5/month
  • Business plan – Rs.446.26/ month

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