MacKeeper; the perfect protection for your Mac


Protecting your system from the harmful threats has become a consequential necessity these days. Cyber hackers are evolving day by day and they are introducing new types of malwares and viruses into the cyber world. We must be armoured enough to defend these threats because they can destroy the data for your system without giving you a chance of restoring them. More than financial status, data and records are important. We must ensure they remain protected from these harmful threat actors. For that we need powerful anti-virus softwares which safeguard our devices from all kinds of threats.

MacKeeper is one of the advanced cyber security solution for your Mac devices.

MacKeeper is one among the decent protection softwares with many great features. They contain vast variety of tools that boosts the performance of you Mac and keeps your devices light and fast. They ensure real-time protection from malwares, ransomwares, viruses etc. One of the drawbacks of this software is that they cannot detect and remove rootkits. The integrated anti-virus system helps to analyse and block harmful files from your device. Different levels of scanning options are available within the software.

As per the test results, MacKeeper successfully detected Mac-based malware called “Airo AV”. Once a threat is detected, the software moves them to quarantine storage, so that they do not cause any further harm to your system.

The Adware scanner successfully detects malicious adware threats. It can even scan for old files and block the adware which has been on your device for years.  After detection, they successfully remove them from the device.


  • Includes efficient security, privacy and performance features.
  • Advanced VPN
  • Perfect lab test score
  • Real-time malware protection
  • Premium quality services

MacKeeper ensures your privacy and identity information is protected and prevents them from identity theft. You can also protect your email using this feature. For this you must link your email address to MacKeeper. Once it has been added they ensure that your information is not exposed to data breach. Using ID theft you can find out whether any of your data has been subjected to data breach previously. MacKeeper ensures multiple layers of protection for your information. Once you have linked, they regularly perform email scans and keep you away from data breaches.

MacKeeper offers you with an integrated VPN system, called “Private Control” which is an advanced feature of this software. Private Control helps you to encrypt your personal information when you are connected to an external network. This is a manual feature. You can turn it on manually when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi and you can switch it off when your work is done. It provides you option to connect to the servers of many countries in the world and MacKeeper assist you to connect to the best servers. The main advantage of this feature is that they come with an unlimited data plan. So the tension of reaching data limit can be taken off.

MacKeeper has capacity to block unwanted ads. It potentially blocks ad and their trackers from tracing your online activity. This is a browser extension feature which is available in the dashboard of the software. For ‘Safari’ users, they just need to click on to the ‘enable’ option to activate this feature and for Chrome users, they must separately download the extension from the web.

You can use MacKeeper for cleaning up your device by using ‘safe cleanup’ option. They help you to clear logs, caches, trash and unwanted email attachments. They can clean up to 1.2 GB of data within a minute. They instantly clean your hard drive and free up your space.

There will be many duplicate files in your system which occupies a major storage part and decreases the performance. MacKeeper has the ability to detect these files and clear them in a blink of an eye. For clearing the data, the software will ask you permission whether you need to clear these files or keep them. If you find important files in the list, deselect them and delete the rest.


MacKeeper can be subscribed on monthly basis for Rs.1, 235 and on yearly basis for Rs.14, 800.

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