Microsoft security essentials; the best malware protector

Microsoft security essentials

In our current society, organizations and individuals are always been subjected to cyber threats and data leaks. The hackers know that, even in some of the organizations they are still using out-dated older version of security software. They have been utilizing this weakness to cause high magnitude of financial and reputation loss. The initial step towards a complex cyber-attack can be a phishing email. If any of the employee fall for this trap, then the threat actors easily gets into the network of the organization and thereby hack all the systems connected to that network. If we can successfully block their first step, we can stay out of this dangerous happening. For this we need a reliable security defender to notify and block all the upcoming threats.

Microsoft Security Essential is one among the powerful security software.

Microsoft Security Essential is basically anti-virus software that prevents wide range of malicious malwares, virus, ransomware, rootkits, Trojans etc. Security Essential is only compactible in Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7. The later versions after 7 do not support this software due to the inbuilt virus defender in it. They are free of cost and are mostly used in small businesses and home users. It has the same anti-malware engines as other Microsoft defender products. So they ensure real-time protection and continuously observe the activities of the system, scans every downloaded file and if any threats are detected, they block them. The major drawback of this software is they undersupply firewall protection and end point protection.

They were widely accepted by the consumers due to their user-friendly interface, low resource usage and free availability. They perform quick scans to look out for threats in files and drives where viruses hide, full scan to check the entire system and custom scan to target specific areas to scan.


  • Provides real time protection from viruses, spyware and malwares.
  • Software updates are done automatically in the system.
  • Small download size.
  • Fast and simple to install.
  • Block from installing unwanted software that can harm the system.
  • Works efficiently with Windows 7 and Vista.

They allow to use on-demand scanner for manual scans and to plan scans during any days of the week. There are options to avoid locations, files and processes from scans. Security Essentials consists of alert signals like red and green to make you understand you are protected or not.

They help you to decide the CPU usage while running the scans. It can range from 10% to 100%. Using this software you can scan archives and removable drives independently.

The history tab helps you to keep the list of quarantined files so that you can analyse them regularly and check the program performance. Despite of their flexible nature, this is an old solution for out-dated operating systems.


  • Real time protection: the software gives you instant alert if it senses any malicious outsider and prevents them from infecting your system.
  • Rootkit protection: they can efficiently prevent rootkit attacks by closing analysing programs and kernel on Windows operating system by the help of anti-stealth technology.
  • Dynamic signature service: using this feature Security Essential categorizes suspicious programs whether it is malicious or not by comparing it with the signature database.
  • Detect and block malicious softwares: when you download a software or enter a website, it make sure that it causes no harm to the system by using antimalware definitions.
  • Windows firewall integration: you are free to enable the windows firewall during scanning. This helps to protect your device from unauthorized threats through network connection.
  • Network inspection system: vulnerabilities based on networks like Conficker will be instantly blocked by this software before they try to enter into the system. This feature is only available for Windows 7 and Windows Vista versions.
  • System scanning: it comprises of quick scan, full scan and custom scan mode.
  • System cleaning: this gives you the choice to store, remove or allow the detected threat.

Microsoft Security Essentials is a user-friendly, free antivirus solution that protects your system from harmful threats and is one of the effective anti-virus software available for Windows. For more details


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