Modern technology; think before you act!

modern technology

Times are changing and are technology.  Things that we thought were impossible are slowly being developed and established. Before a decade, touch screen phones was never in the minds of the people. Steadily the mobile company’s started evolving and now here in 2021, new techniques are being created day by day. Our education system plays a major role in these achievements. IQ level of children has improved when compared to the previous generation.

Technology can create something and can even destroy them within no time. So whenever something is developed, it should be made sure that this invention does not hit back with a negative impact.

Television, mobile phones and computers has become an essential part of human life such that a survival without them is impossible for today’s generation.

To understand deep about technology, one should know the advantages and disadvantages of this.

In medical fields, technology has brought about a significant change which helped to treat faster and simultaneously saving many lives from the verge of death. It also found way to withstand different viruses and bacteria.

Invention of computer paved way for a better communication system. The way of communication enhanced and the exchange of information from foreign countries got simpler and easier.

Technology served the back bone for different organizations for implementing strategic technologies. Internet made exchanges faster. Sales and purchases became worldwide. The purchase rates and the goods were made available in discount rates. Similarly, global tourism had a great success rate after the technological development.

Familiarity between Technology and Science

Science and technology are two different streams but each depends on one another for their existence. It is in the light of science new innovations and technological tools are being created.

And also the research conducted in laboratories contributed for the growth of technology to a greater extent.

Technology extends the purpose of science.

Digital technology

Digital technology has enhanced almost every aspects of an individual’s life. Digital technology has found useful in different fields like shopping, movies, music, photography, television and even they reduced the distance of communication between two individuals.

Nowadays, it’s difficult to find any gadget that does not use digital technology. In some or the other way digital technology has helped in the development of every little thing in the present world.

As digital technology came into being, things became easier, lighter and faster. Huge amounts of data can be stored online and thereby decreasing the storage space in the device. Cloud storage is taking its trend as every document is safe, secure and easy to access.

In modern world “information” isn’t just data but it has expanded to include photos, videos, audios and other media. Also, the risk has increased.

Developing technology has also created developed crimes. Crimes were digitalized to form Cybercrimes.


Cybercrime uses computers/systems as an instrument to target a victim. They use this illegally to perform frauds, trafficking and child pornography. They also steal personal informations, identities and violate privacy.

The wide spread usage of computers resulted in a successful platform for the cyber criminals to perform malicious activities that targeted individuals, government and corporations. Although the attack may not be visible physically, they incorporate into the virtual body and thereby grabbing the essentials they need.

An important attribute of cybercrime is that its non-local character. It can happen simultaneously from different places. Due to this reason its possess a severe problem for the enforcement team to execute the law and even national crimes are in need of International Corporation.

So, just take a moment to think about the dark side of any modern technology/gadget you are about to use. There are people lurking around to steal your information and data. Cyber-attacks can come in any form, so we have to be more cautious, as it may finally lead to a financial breakdown or even worse than that.

Invest in security applications that keep your privacy to yourself. There are companies like Norton, Kaspersky etc., which guarantee maximum safety.

Don’t hesitate. A decision can make a huge difference!

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