Norton 360 Premium; advanced version of 360

Norton 360 Premium

The need for cyber security is increasing these days. Hackers have spread their traps in every nuke and corner and we must be careful while visiting an unknown website or while opening an email from a stranger. Attack tactics has changed and todays cyber-attacks cannot be spotted easily. Threat actors will be leaking your data from the background without showing any sign. The technology has developed much to enhance the hackers to perform hi-fi hacks. So, we must also be prepared to face them and block them without causing any damage to our system and information.

Norton 360 premium is an updated version of Norton 360. They provide you with premium features to defend malicious activities. The Norton 360 Premium offers multi-layer of protection for your devices. They also ensure you with complete online privacy for and your family members in single software.

The subscription fee for 360 Premium is Rs.5, 199 for a year and Rs.7, 499 for 2 years. While analysing the performance, it is worth the price.

The maximum number of systems Norton can handle at a stretch is 10 including Windows, Mac, tablets and smartphones.

Striking features of 360 Premium

Threat protection

The premium software ensures a complete protection from viruses, malwares, ransomwares, Trojans and other know & unknown threats. They safeguard your personal data and financial information when you go online. Majority of the danger comes from online threats. They run scans regularly and alert you when any online threat is detected.

Safe VPN

This software helps you to browse freely, without the fear of getting infected by inducing a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN). They include bank grade encryption features that procure your bank details and passwords and keep them private.

  • Parental control

Through this attribute the parents can control the activities of children online. They can guide them to explore, learn and enjoy through various activities and skill development programs.

  • Password Manager

These are the tools that helps to create, store and manage your account passwords including banking application. They keep your credentials and credit card information securely.

  • Cloud Backup

Cloud storage system is available in this software. They have a back-up space of nearly 100 GB. Once initiated, they back up the important files and documents on a regular basis so that you shouldn’t be worried about hardware failures and stolen devices. Your information will be safe always.

Apart from these, they also have extra features like PC tune-up and dark web monitoring.

To detect the virus, the 360 Premium uses a huge malware directory and heuristic analysis. Apart from the normal scan, this software has more scan options like:

  • Quick scan: These run urgent scans in areas where there are possibilities of virus such as temporary files, running processes and system files.
  • Custom scan: They scan customized folders and disc locations.
  • Norton insight: They scan files which are urgent to use.

Scheduling of the normal regular scams can be configured according to your wish. But, this software will not give notifications when you are indulged in something like gaming, working, watching movies etc.

They block the malwares without even slowing down the system. 360 incorporates ‘Smart Firewall’ feature which improves the network performance and hinders any kind of threat arriving through networks. When you are connected to a public Wi-Fi, the Smart Firewall suspends most of the services provided by the Windows including Printer Sharing, Remote Desktop Connection, Network Discovery etc. But if you are willing to use any of these applications, you can give the permission and use them.

This software helps to browse any websites securely and prevents users from potential dangers lurking inside unauthorized websites. They also pose strong hindrance against phishing attacks. The ‘Isolation’ mode in this software helps to stay alert and safe while using online banking.

The main highlight of 360 Premium is their colour coded assessments of the search results. Green colour indicates safe, orange indicates potentially unsafe and red indicates danger.

360 Premium regularly monitors dark web forum and notifies the user whether any information has been leaked. Unfortunately, this feature in only available in certain countries like US, UK, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

Dark web monitoring feature scans data including:

  • Address
  • Credit card details
  • Bank account numbers
  • Driver’s licence
  • Insurance numbers etc.

The Norton 360 Premium is efficient anti-virus software that can protect you from cyber threat and attacks. If you still haven’t got any cyber security software, go for Norton 360 Premium. It’s worth you money!


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