PC Protect antivirus; the perfect defender

PC Protect antivirus

Usage of systems and PC’s are inevitable these days. In this technical world, the use of computers, mobile phones, internet etc. cannot be avoided and it has become a part of our lives. Hackers strike while the iron is hot. So what we need is a strong reliable antivirus software that can protect us from the deadly malwares and viruses developed these days.

PC Protect is one among the robust anti-virus software which can defend you with these.

The main advantage of PC Protect is its efficient and high quality antivirus protection with optimum speed. They have a wide range of features from which you can select the preferred ones to protect your system and mobile devices. They assure real time protection, advanced firewall, free VPN, identity protection, password protector and Ad blocker. They has their own inbuilt web browser through you can browse the internet safely.

They are user friendly softwares with less complication and a beginner can easily get used to them. Installation process is very quick and instant. Unlike other antivirus softwares, they don’t take much space and time to install. Once the software is installed, it does its work in the background and you don’t have to worry about your system’s protection anymore. They also have a helpful customer support team.

Advantage of PC Protector

  • Provides real-time protection.
  • Easy to use user interface.
  • Advanced protection from all the known and unknown malwares and viruses.
  • Cost efficient pricing plans.
  • Covers all of your devices in one plan
  • Easy to set-up
  • 24×7 protection


  • Antivirus scanner: The anti-virus protection of PC Protector is well and efficient. They contain the malware engines of Avira but unlike them PC Protector does not function based on cloud scanning. They provide two times of scanners; Quick scan and System scan. Both of them are fast and productive. As per the testing results, it takes 90 minutes for the software to completely scan the system which is very similar to Norton and McAfee. Apart from malwares they also block viruses, ransomwares, adwares, spywares and Trojans.
  • Internet security: With the help of WebShield they detect malicious phishing websites and URLs and protect you from those. This is a default function and it automatically gets activated once the software is installed. They actively hinder you from entering into malicious websites through Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox etc.
  • System tune-up: This feature helps you to safeguard your system using optimization tools like Junk file cleaner, duplicate file remover, software uninstaller, web browser cleaner and start-up program manager. These helps to increase the performance of the system. The software uninstaller spots the softwares which are infected or can turn harmful for your system. These tools are easy to use and by using them, you can save a lot of space in the storage system.
  • VPN: They provide the best VPN with an average speed of 15 Mb per second. They offer smooth function while basic browsing, online shopping, watching video etc. The VPN contains around 36 locations. They also offer you with unlimited browsing data.
  • Password manager: They help to keep your password safe in a cloud storage system. This stands as a good feature who does not want to save their passwords online. The user has the freedom to import passwords from different browsers including Chrome and Firefox.
  • Ad blocker: they help to block unwanted ads and notifications that pop up while visiting any websites. But this is an advanced feature and it is only available for premium customers.

PC Protect provides updated version of ransomware protection. With the help of self-shield feature, PC Protect automatically finds out and block ransomwares and harmful websites.

Although they have all these features, they lack facilities like keylogger protection and parental control. But with the prevailing feature they are a competent for other security softwares available in the market.

PC Protect does not annoy you with unnecessary notifications. They run in the background without you noticing them. According to the users review, PC Protect perform much better than any other security softwares.

They are available for Rs.1, 400 per year. Overall this is one of the best defending softwares available in the market and can safeguard you from all the hideous threats.


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