Security Master; the working class defender for Android

Security Master

In today’s society, protection of mobile devices is equally important to that of systems. Mobile devices have advanced technologically such that we can function all the applications and software using them. Since all the applications are web-based, they need to be protected from harmful malwares and viruses. Also, to secure our personal information from malicious hackers, we need technically sound anti-virus software which provides equal protection from cyber-attacks and data leaks.

In this blog, we are going to discuss about one such anti-virus software; Security Master.

Security Master is the antivirus software developed by Cheetah Mobile and they are the well-known threat prevention application available in Play Store. Security Master is available for free and till date it has around 500 million users around the world. As per records, they amplify nearly one billion global downloads. They have been tested in the AV lab and found that they are fully capable to withstand harmful malwares and viruses and exhibits 100% detection rate.

They consist of a simple and clean interface with advanced features as well as several add-on modules to increase the performance and functionality.


  • Real-time antivirus protection: Once the real-time antivirus feature is enabled, then they start protecting you devices from malicious malwares and viruses. Whenever you are browsing a website, downloading any files or receiving files from third-party applications like Xender, Shareit etc., Security Master makes sure that they are scanned and verified so that they don’t harm your device. Security Master releases regular updates and confirms that their database are upgraded to the latest version so that they detect and eliminate all the threats.
  • Performance boosting: Security master has the ability to close the background applications and free RAM on your device. Once the unnecessary storage space is cleared, the performance of the phone increases and it becomes faster.
  • Privacy protection: With this option, you can block people who are aware of your password or lock pattern from accessing your messages and notifications.
  • Safe browsing: They provide you with a secure browser so that all your data and information are safe and secure. Once you exit the browser, the history and the cookies are cleared instantly. They are equipped with web protection tools that help to keep away phishing websites and infections.


  • Multiple ads: Once you open the application, ads start flowing. Exploring the features of Security Master will take a while because they are embedded with different types of ads.


  • Safe VPN: The latest version of Security Master comes with a new VPN feature which helps you to hide your identity online and to vary IP addresses. Once you activate the VPN, they successfully encrypt your network traffic. VPN feature is available for free version as well as paid version but for free version, the data is limited to 200 MB per day. If you need an advanced VPN, pick the VIP version which contains more data and multiple locations. Security Master VPN takes around 5 sec to connect. With VPN, you can also bypass firewall and get access to the contents which are not available in your country.
  • Network Analyser: This feature helps you to check the internet speed and connections. Using network analyser you can also check for the available Wi-Fi connections and browse them based on the ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ criteria. They maintain an equal balance of upload, download and Wi-Fi speed. It also assists you in determining the encryption protocol. The advantage of using this feature is that it saves your data by uninstalling unwanted apps with the help of internet band width.
  • Wi-Fi security: You can integrate Security Master with a stand-alone security tool which helps you to perform scans on the available Wi-Fi connections, conduct speed test, check for any malicious activity and to make sure that the network is safe for joining.
  • Malware protection: This is the key feature of Security Master. They provide real-time malware protection and it was proved from the AV-test conducted in 2018. As per the reports, Security Master can detect 98% of all the available threats.
  • App lock and vault: Using App lock, you can protect any application by using PIN, Pattern lock or fingerprint. This feature can be utilized by people who need more privacy.

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