Dashlane password manager; the secure password protector

Dashlane password manager

A Password Manager is a program that stores all your passwords and various other data, in a single location with one strong password for all. They also help you to generate complex passwords to safeguard your online accounts.

Here we are going to discuss about one of the best Password Managers available in the market, Dashlane.

Dashlane functions using end-to-end encryption method to protect your information and also includes advanced security features which other password manager’s fail to provide. You can easily transfer, create and set up two factor authentication with the help of Dashlane. You can also analyse the passwords and make sure that they are strong enough.

Dashlane contains Virtual Private Network (VPN) feature that gives boundless web browsing facility which has greater speed than most of the individual VPN providers. With the Automatic password changer option, you can alter the passwords for more than 300+ websites with a click. Dashlane also provides active dark web monitoring facility that ensures regular dark web scans and notifies you in case of any data leak.

Dashlane also has a premium plan which is 100% secure, user friendly and cost efficient. Their family plans provide service for almost 6 users at a time. Compared to these paid versions, the free version is a bit dull in function. If you wish to try out the premium features, there is a 30 day free plan where you can use them without any risk.


Dashlane uses 256-bit AES encryption technique to secure the passwords. Using the free plan, you can use one device and can have up to 50 logins. They are compatible with Windows, Android, Mac and iOS.

The highlighting feature of Dashlane is its 256-bit AES encryption. The advantage of such an encryption is that they cannot be cracked. They are mainly used in high confidential sectors like banks and defence departments. For security reasons, your passwords and other data are not saved in the Dashlane servers. Once information is uploaded in the Dashlane vault, the information is safe within them and never leaves your device. This is an advanced feature because even if your device gets stolen, your data never gets leaked.

Dashlane is designed with zero-knowledge protocol, which means only you have the authority to access your dashlane vault. Even the Dashlane developer can never access them. There are chances where you lose your master password or forget them. In this situation, you can recover your account with the help of biometric logins. Not all password manager softwares provide the recovery option. Sticky Password, Enpass and Bitwarden do not have recovery option. This places Dashlane on a higher position than other softwares.

Additional features

  • Password security auditing
  • Two factor authentication
  • Secure password sharing
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Dark Web monitoring
  • Emergency access.

Dark web monitoring & Emergency access are rare features which all Password managers won’t provide. Dashlane is the only Password manager application that provides reliable VPN.

Dashlane is undergoing a transition process to convert the application into a full web based one. Even though they support the desktop version, they will not be upgraded, once the transition is complete. After the process, both the web and the desktop users can save their passwords, safeguard sensitive information (legal documents, software licenses etc.), personal data and financial information.

One of the advantages of Dashlane is that you get a password changer feature for the vault. This feature is functional on over 300 websites like Reddit, IMDB etc. With this feature, you can change the passwords of multiple websites at once. This method is only possible using Dashlane and no other Password manager.

The Vault of Dashlane is simple and easy to use and acts as a perfect storage space for your information. They also assist to organize your master password. Once you activate the two factor authentication, they provide you with another form of authentication every time you log in to your Dashlane account, they include:

  • Authenticator app – Google Authenticator, Duo Mobile, Authy etc.
  • U2F security key – USB authentication devices like FIDO and YubiKey.


  • Dashlane Premium – Rs.290/month
  • Dashlane Essentials – Rs.180/month
  • Dashlane Family – Rs.437/month


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