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VIPRE security software

We are in a society where every individual & organization is prone to cyber-attacks. No one is safe. As we largely depend on internet for our daily needs, it becomes easy for the cyber hackers to get into our networks and steal our personal information and financial data. If we don’t hinder the atrocities of threat actors now, digital world will suffer in the future. For that we need some strong defence mechanisms like anti-virus software that can help us get through all the known and unknown threats.

Here we are going to introduce you to an advanced security solution that offers multiple layers of protection from all the emerging threat; VIPRE.

VIPRE is a brand of j2 Global which focuses on developing security software for end point and email protection. They also have applications for advanced threat intelligence. VIPRE is a Florida based company and has branches all over the world.

VIPRE was initially formed in the name of Sunbelt software in the year 1994. Before developing VIPRE, they marketed products like Threat Track Security. Slowly they developed VIPRE which stopped malicious viruses and other threats like malware, Trojans, Rootkits etc. According to the test results of AV Labs VIPRE does provide 100% security against the malicious outsiders and also blocks suspicious websites.

VIPRE is compatible in Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. They also have an updated on-demand scanning feature.

VIPRE markets 4 different types of software:

  • Advanced security
  • Privacy Shield
  • Antivirus Plus
  • Android Security

From these, only Android Security is compatible with both PC and Mac. Before subscribing, these softwares will provide you with a free trial of 30 days. The installation of VIPRE antivirus will take about 12 minutes as it include download of current threats and performs the first scan in the system along with installation. While tackling threats like zero day malware attacks, VIPRE gives 99% of its performance, says the AV Lab tests.

The task bar of this software displays the details of the last scanning, if the threat definition is up to date and the Firewall activity. The scan feature helps us to perform the scans instantly or according to our schedule. The default schedule of the software is on Sundays at 10pm and 10am every day.

By using the features like ‘antivirus’, ‘updates’ and ‘Firewall’ the user can manage the settings if they want the software to automatically handle malicious files and quarantine them. VIPRE has default function of scanning websites and prevent dangerous ones. Firewall is also an automatic functioning feature; you don’t have to turn it on manually. They protect the network connection and scans regularly to detect threat.

VIPRE has also added advanced feature like email virus protection, spam filtering and anti-phishing settings. Not every software are employed with these features. But the spam filtering is only accessible for Microsoft Outlook users.

The interface of VIPRE is quite user friendly. As most of the important functions are default, there is no much alterations needed for them.

As a part of privacy protection, we won’t allow most the software to access our IP address, but VIPRE does that to protect the users from dangerous viruses and fraudulent websites. Here is a list of data that VIPRE stores:

  • Data we provide them including contact number, mail ID and other customer information.
  • Public data like information from social media
  • Data from application which consists of personal information which you provide them, when you download an application.
  • Website data, which is the data they collect when you visit websites.
  • Registration details, which include the data you provide them while using certain apps and websites
  • Third party details, information from law enforcement and credit reference agencies etc.
  • Advertising data

Advantages of VIPRE

  • Outstanding test results from the two independent labs.
  • Efficient malware blocking system.
  • Defensive firewall and simple program control.
  • Hardly any performance hit

The main window of VIPRE consists of three tabs; MyVipre, Account and Manage.

MyVipre tab contains reports about the antivirus, the performance of the firewall and options to schedule scans.

The Manage tab gives options for security components.

From the Account tab, you can customize the colour codes like green, white, dark grey etc. There are six colour varieties you can choose from.

VIPR is one of the best cyber security solutions available in the market. For more information, contact


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