ZOHO Notebook

ZOHO Notebook

Zoho Notebook is a web-based note making application developed by Zoho. The main motive of Zoho Notebook is to create, consolidate, save and share important notes online. Zoho Notebook is quick and you can save your thoughts and ideas with perfection. With Notebook, you can create checklist, record audio and can capture moments. Every note you save in Notebook are saved in the cloud.

Zoho Notebook contains a unique sketch functionality which is compatible with Android and iOS devices. This feature is used to create new visual ideas by sketching. But integration with other applications and private sharing option are not supported by Zoho Notebook.

Notebook is a free to use application and the major features provided by them are:

  • Note making
  • Syncing information
  • Organizing notes
  • Customizing notes
  • Note sharing facility
  • Notable gestures
  • Finding notes
  • Sketch making option


Zoho Notebook provides the users with wide variety of tools and functions. All these options help you to create notes instantly and effectively. They offer different ways to create notes and capture ideas. Apart from text you can also add images, audio files, checklist, graphs etc. They support almost every file format. Notebook contains specialized option to create checklist. When it comes to adding audio files, you can either add or record audio with high clarity and add them to the note.

The Photo Note Card option is an attractive tool where you can save or scribble instant thought and sketches which you just saw somewhere and go motivated by that. It can be a quote, a painting or a beautiful scenery.

Using Notebook, you can easily organize notes. Using appropriate tools, you can combine different notes, categorize them as well as copy note cards from different notes. There is syncing feature which syncs your data across multiple devices and cloud. Once the devices are synced, you can make notes in one device and can alter them in the other.

Since you have the gesture functionality feature, it is easy for you to take notes. You can also obtain extra details by just swiping your notebook or notecard. With each gesture you can perform different functions. For example if you swipe inwards, all your notes will be stacked into a group. Every gestures and their function will be available with the guidelines and you can also customize them as per your priority.

Using the customization option, you can change the font style, font colour, card colour and create your own notebook cover. You can also select the view of your note cards; grid or landscape.

If you already have a Zoho account, then you can directly start using Notebook or you have to sign up using your email address and password. Once you are in, the application gives you some quick guidelines. The main interface consists of small boxes called the Cards. These cards are categorized into 6 types; Text, Audio, Checklist, Photo, Sketch and File. You can save your note in alphabetical order or as per their last updated date.

Notes can be written in different styles and formats with the help of Rich formatting tools. You can also lock your notes with password. When you lock a note, they will appear blurry and no one can read them unless the password is entered.

With Zoho Notebook, you can scan documents and convert physical contents into PDFs. Compared to other note making apps like Microsoft OneNote, Google Keep and Evernote, Zoho Notebook does not have Optical Character Recognition (OCR) etc.

Zoho Notebook is supported by a voice assistant called Zia. Zia will be there for assistance whenever you need and it provides suggestions during the note making process. The importing tool helps you to import notes from Evernote. You can also share your content via email or by creating a public link and send to those whom you want to share.


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