Facebook hack; How to secure business accounts?

Facebook hack

In this fast-developing world, everything has converted online including education, entertainment, shopping, etc. People are more alive in the online world than in the real world. While focusing on entertainment, people use social media platforms like Facebook to kill time. People try to create new friends and new bonds and exchanges thoughts and ideas. Apart from just using Facebook as an entertainment platform, they are now widely used for marketing and business purposes. Since Facebook has touched two billion users, it has become an appealing platform to boost businesses. But unfortunately, Facebook is in the trap of hackers. Millions of Facebook hack is occurring every day.

So before planning businesses on Facebook, it is important to ensure security and take precautionary steps to boost privacy.

Recheck your email

Email is one of the important accounts which will be linked to your Facebook. So if you are vulnerable to a Facebook hack, automatically your email will be at stake. When a Facebook hack is trying to compromise your account, there is a chance that you will receive a strange email requesting the details about your password. To check the legitimacy of the message, click on the sender’s email address if it is coming directly from Facebook. Then make sure that the notification was sent to the email linked to your Facebook page. Check the URLs, if it takes you to your Facebook account then it is a legitimate message. If not, just ignore or block the message.

Consider creating page roles

To handle your business page efficiently and limit employee access it is better to create page roles. If you are the business owner, you can automatically become the admin and assign page roles to different employees. There are six-page roles available for Page managers; Admin, Editor, Moderator, Analyst, Advertiser, and Jobs manager. The advantage of Page roles is that you can have control over employees on what they have access to. This reduces the possibility of an inside Facebook hack.

Facebook hack

Mobile confirmation

The most effective method to protect your business from Facebook hack is by linking them to your mobile number. Once two-factor authentication is activated on your account, Facebook will inform you through text message when there is unauthorized access. The text message will contain a six-digit OTP. Only if the OTP is entered the hacker can access your account or else it will remain a failed attempt. To activate this mobile confirmation, go to “settings” and select “mobile”. Once you have entered your mobile number, go to “Security and login” and activate two-factor authentication. OTP method can also be used to recover passwords.

Alter the privacy settings to defend Facebook hack

Changing the privacy settings regularly can save your business account from Facebook hack. In every update, Facebook adds a new privacy feature or makes alterations to the existing ones. You can edit your privacy from the “settings” and customize them according to your wish. You can decide who should see your post and who should not. If it is a business account, you must keep it public only then it will reach users and your business will have growth. But still, you can keep certain things in private especially those which can damage your business reputation.

Avoid toxic users that causes Facebook hack

Since Facebook hack and scams are increasing at an alarming rate, it is better to prevent certain people from posting content to your page. You have the option to ban people who are posting and unnecessary posts and links on your page. Once a ban is imposed, those users cannot comment, message, or like posts on your page.


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